The Guardian and Trainie

The Guardian and Trainie
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Thursday, December 24, 2009


I haven't been outside in three days.  This is not good for the mind and body.  It was raining for a couple of days and then it was just plain freezing.  This is not a good excuse for not getting out and exercising.   I have been trying to focus on making a few things for my grandchildren for Christmas.  I have made this my top priority and I finally accomplished what I set out to do.  My grandson requested a pair of hand knit mittens for Christmas so I made him a pair and a scarf to go with them.  My little granddaughter, his sister,  requested the same but "please grandma make them hot pink!"  I finished her pair along with a scarf also. I ended up making mittens for all the grand  kids and then I proceeded to make little ornament hats and stockings for them also.  I used to make and give ornaments every year so that the kids would slowly gather their own ornaments for their Christmas Trees they would have some day.  I would like to continue with that tradition.  I have been so busy what with moving and getting settled during the holidays last year and the 2 years prior I had all of my sewing and knitting stuff packed away in storage.  That made it really difficult for me to make anything when I would have to fish around for the supplies I needed.  Prior to these last three years I always had a sewing room and could access my stuff whenever I felt the need to make something.  It has always been really nice having access to all of my craft supplies whenever I wanted.  This year I finally was able to set up a sewing room again!  I had to let it sit and slowly I began to get organized enough to begin a project.  I started knitting first because I was going to the coast a lot and it would be cold and I needed a hat and a scarf.  Then I began to get traveling kits together so I would have things to do when away from home.  My fiance is a surfer and I love to go to the beach with him hence I have had time to make things or read both of which I love to do.  Anyway I am sort of getting away from what I started to say and that is that I am making things for Christmas.  I am still working on a cape and hat for my little great grand niece.  I hadn't made her anything when she was born and I feel that I should do something.  I had a little bit of a hang up with her father so I didn't  feel motivated to make anything.  I am knocking down the walls that have been built up for way too long.  My nephew and I don't see eye to eye but that is no reason to not recognize and appreciate the beautiful little niece who was born into our family. So back to work I go.  It is Christmas eve and I am not done.  Love to all.  Happy Holidays!


  1. My daughter has been knitting scarves for people too....maybe I'll finally get one from her. :)

    sounds like you have been keeping busy, you have always been so talented in the craft department.

    I was thinking about the recorder a few days ago, do you still play it?

    I love your blog! Check mine out too, if you get a chance.. xxoo

  2. 2010 = R U ready to blog?