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The Guardian and Trainie
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Friday, January 15, 2010

And Life moves along at a rapid pace

Hello folks.  My appologies for lagging so far behind in my responsibility to writing.  So many things have transpired since I last blogged.  Ahah I just read my own blog and I see it has been a few weeks since I was last here.  The holidays were quiet and pleasant for me.  Visiting with my daughters and their partners is always a pleasant experience for me.  I love them all dearly and they are all so different and fun to be with.  I was going to spend Christmas Eve alone.  I was not excited about that but Al was down in Half Moon Bay and didn't want anything to do with Christmas.  Apparently his family is really into the buy, buy, buy thing and he is disgusted with that approach to Christmas.  I don't blame him really I never have liked that either.  Many years ago I decided that I was going to make sure that I expressed my displeasure with the whole get into debt at Christmas thing.  I wanted the Holidays for being with my loved ones and cherish the fact that we are together.  The gift thing would no longer be the priority.  Besides I was also not into celebrating something I did not believe in.  I have attempted to take the old world approach and celebrate the Winter Solstice.  You know that the tree we call a Christmas tree is really representative of the coming of spring.  The Christmas Lights are representative of the longer days of light to come.  The gift giving started with a priest many, many hundreds of years ago when he decided to give gifts to children of the poor.  They needed the gifts!!!  Why has our society gotten so caught up in the giving of gifts and often times things no one needs or wants for that matter. Have we forgotten to consider those less fortunate than ourselves.  Oh well I think that is an age old question.  One we each have to look at for ourselves for only we can decide what is best, right or comfortable for ourselves.  I personally try not to let myself get caught up in the hype and just do what I want to do. Love my family.  To me that is number one.  Having said that onwards to the "New Year'. 
Yeah, another year and many more experiences to behold!!!! I am excited!!!!!!  I love life.   A long time ago I realized that one must take a look at oneself and ask, "Do I like me?"  For if you do not like yourself then change!!!!!!  For you really cannot share the pleasant things in life if you're not liking yourself.  Could you live on a desert island and be happy with the realization that you are alive and a creative person.  You can make life happen!  I did this when I was in my teens because I found myself alone a lot!!!   I wanted to be happy and I just didn't feel that way.  What was the problem?  Well I didn't know but the one thing I did know was that I had me and I was going to make me the best person I could to hang out with, for me and I were going to be hanging out together for a hell of a long time, everyday no less!!! wasn't fully aware then but eventually I began to realize just how valuable of an individual I was becoming.  I always told my daughters that in the old days and still in many places of the world when a girl gets married they go with a dowry.  I told my girls that they should think of themselves as that dowry.  Not that they would necessarily be getting married but that they should value themselves and add to whomever it was that they were/are becoming.  What do you like about yourself?  Value that.  What do you like to do?  Add to that.  What kind of things can you do or are you good at?  Improve upon those things for you are your own dowry.  You are valuable!!!  Give of yourself and you have truly given something worth while.  Things as simple as a smile, your laughter even your tears are to be shared.  I love me.  I can hang out with me for a very long time and be totally happy.  Now don't get me wrong I too need companionship.  As you know if you have been reading my blog I have four dogs on the property and they are great companions.  They are always here and ready for some good strokes but there is nothing like a real live human being to talk to, touch, hold and to be held, touched and have conversations with.  Well and hell if there isn't anyone around hence the phone.  Reach out and touch someone.  Maybe you just touch someone through the internet.  What a great discovery that/this is huh?  I am amazed time and time again with the progress of life. 
When my great grandma was alive she had experienced coming across the prairie in a double buckboard covered wagon, (just imagine that) trains, automobiles, jets, radio, television, landing on the moon and computers all within her life time.  Imagine what a life!  Humph, wonder what we have in store for us?
Well for me right now I am back in school full time.  Wow I must say it was a little overwhelming at first.  I think I am getting into the grove.  I am taking a Medical Law and Ethics, very interesting, physiology, medical terminology,  microsoft word and a core strengthening class.   Send me lots of good vibes.  I am breathing and staying focused.  Talk to you tomorrow. Love you all.

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