The Guardian and Trainie

The Guardian and Trainie
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rain, Thunder, lightning? Anythings else folks?

This photo was from yesterday's storm. Looking to the southwest at what we call the lower pond. It is lower than the pond that spills into it but it really is the middle pond.  We have four ponds on the property.  I will check them all out today.
I am up early this morning!  I would normally be up early but this morning the storm just wouldn't let it go.  Then again maybe that's exactly what it did, let go!!!  I actually slept pretty good in my cozy bed with my down comforter keeping me warm.  Every now and then I was jarred awake by the thunder literally rolling through.  At one point I was hearing and feeling what seemed like a gigantic bowling ball roll through the end of my house.  The ground, the house, my bed and me moved!!!!  Now you need to understand that right in range of my bedroom is a huge eucalyptus tree.  Just before I started to write this morning I checked my emails.  One of the emails I get regularly is from "The Universe".  It just happened to mention talking to sentient beings, humans, animals or even trees!  I immediately spoke to the eucalyptus tree.  Boy am I glad that she is still standing.  I am wondering how many trees are down on the ranch.  I am also wondering if any are down on the road out of here.  The sheep guy will be coming in this morning so he will run into it first.  If so he will get someone to cut through it.  I certainly can go check things out when the sun comes up.  I have a chain saw and can use it.  It is a bit small but at least it will cut.  It is still raining pretty hard.  I don't hear any sheep and I suspect that they are all huddled up in the barn.  I don't even know if they can all fit but I am sure they would try.  Better to be huddled up together than off somewhere on their own.
This morning when I got up I went to check if Nick was on the front porch.  He was sleeping there last night and does that some times, then leaves when he needs to work.  He was not there when I checked and I don't blame him.  When  the storm started getting really bad I am sure he headed for some other spot on the property.
It is so dark outside.  I am sitting in front of my east facing window and can't see anything outside yet.  There is lots to hear though.  It sounds wet and windy!!  We have gotten so much water here in the last couple of days that all of the ponds are full to maximum capability and all the water ways are running at full force.  The culverts are overflowing.  Everything is being pushed to overload and beyond.
Mmmmmm, nothing a good hot cup of coffee won't help.  As long as the roof on the house stays put I will be fine.  When things settle down I will have to go access the situation.  Replacement panels will be in order and the veranda roof is old who knows I might have to take advantage of the situation and replace some of the cross members and supports.  Oh well, life that's how it rolls.  I am going to get back to studying.  I'll catch you up on the details later.  Until then over and out.

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