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The Guardian and Trainie
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The birds are back!!

Good Morning world!  What a beautiful morning it is.   I was going through the daily ritual of preparing my hot peppermint mocha, one package of hot chocolate a smidgen of peppermint oil, coffee of course (breakfast blend) and I glanced out the window as I usually do.  The birds were back in full force.  Hundreds of them maybe thousands I'm not sure but a lot of birds.  They would alight upon the ground in a huge circle then off again with the most incredible sound only to land again moving southwards.  It appears that they are eating as they go.  They have left the property maybe they'll be back tomorrow.  I noticed the canadian geese are back in the vineyard today.  I love having them here.  The grapes are gone so there is no concern for them being around.  The vineyard manager doesn't like them around I guess they would eat the grapes.  It is a sad situation.  The geese need a place to nest and have their babies and their nesting grounds are being wiped out. 
We did have a pair nest by our pond last year.  They had three eggs they all hatched.  We were able to observe the goslings with both parents on the dam by our lower pond.  What a sight that was for us!  We had never seen a family of geese before our vary eyes in the flesh no less.  The hope is that a pair will nest again this year.
I can hear the sheep off in the distance.  They start their baaing as the sun begins to rise.   The joke around here is they are calling for Bbbboooobbbb.  Bob is the owner of the sheep.  He comes everyday in fact twice a day while the sheep are lambing.  I do think they are calling him.  Ha, Ha, Ha. 
Now that the rain has stopped the ewes and their little lambs move out into the meadow.  Ahah the birds are down in the meadow with the sheep. Lot's of yummies down there!  I am looking out my office window and can see the big white barn.  I hear sheep but it appears that most are still inside. Sheep don't appear to be too bright but they will gather together in the barn to get out of the rain and I have observed what looks to be an aunty tending to a group of youngsters. I am new at this sheep thing but I know what I see.  And oh let me tell you the little rams they are the quint essential representation of boys in the hood.  I wouldn't have believed it had I not observed it with my own eyes.  Those boys are a riot.  They band together and get into mischief.   There was a group last year that found a way to escape from the main pasture and boy were they full of them selves.  They would get out and run and jump butting each other as they romped as if there was no tomorrow.  Sowing their oats so to speak.  It was hilarious. I didn't notice any young ewes in the group just rams, however I will pay attention this year and be absolutely sure. There just has to be a female in the mix for, "well behaved women seldom make history."  I would like to believe that no matter the spieces there would always be one in the group who pushes the envelope.  How else would we all evolve.  Well I will talk to you all later.  In the mean time I will leave you with one message.  Oh Evolve!!!


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