The Guardian and Trainie

The Guardian and Trainie
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Boy is it difficult getting anything done when there are people around.  Focus, focus, focus but it is so hard.  My granddaughter is at my house.  She is four and quite a busy little girl.  Little ones require a lot of attention.  Not to mention my daughter.  She can be quite a handful herself.  She is so emotional.  From one extreme to the next it is very consuming.  I do not know how to stay on track when there are people around.  For example here I sit trying to write and my granddaughter comes to talk to me.  I have to stop.  It is only fair to her.  She will only be here for a limited amount of time.  Life will not stop and she will grow up so stop I will. 
My hopes for all the people I love is happiness.  I cannot solve their problems nor do I want to.  However I would like to have a little less disturbances. 

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  1. I stumbled into your blog and really enjoyed it. Hope your recovery continues nicely. (I've heard it takes awhile.)