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The Guardian and Trainie
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baking down on the ranch or not

Well woke up this morning with the excitement of a new stove and oven.  The new stove arrived and the guys set it up and all seemed fine until they left, I set the clock and set the oven to bake.  I got on the phone with my mom and waited for the oven to preheat. I finished my phone call and turned back towards the stove and low and behold the clock was not lit up anymore.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  "Okay, okay do not panic," I said to myself.  Be logical and check the breaker to see if it was blown.  NO, that is/was not the problem.  I have lots of baking to do before my surgery tomorrow but it is looking I am not going to get it done.  I hope that this will not be the case.  If I can't bake today oh well I will just have to do it next week and be really careful with my left hand.  At least I am right handed and that hand is in decent working order.  I am still recovering from carpal tunnel surgery on the right hand.  Well at least I got my candy made, butter cookie dough mixed and shortbread is ready to bake.  I will just have to do what I can and not worry about the rest.  I will not stress over the things I can't do anything about.  I have done what I can and now it is up to somebody else.  I learned this lesson a long time ago do not stress over spilt milk.  It won't get me a new stove and I just will feel awful and what would that accomplish?  Absolutely nothing!!!  So I guess I will just focus on mixing all of my cookie doughs which is what I really needed to do before surgery anyway.  The baking can happen later and besides I still have the stove top to cook dinner or whatever until the new stove gets here. Hang, hang, hang the phone is ringing and I need a stove so wait I'll be right back.................... I just recieved a call and the new stove will come next Tuesday.  Oh peaches I am sooooo excited all over again.  Do you detect a slight bit of me being a little facecious?  Well you would be right!  And just a hair bit preturbed!  Do you blame me?  Heck no!  If I was the average gal I would be taking a valium or something!  But I am not the average gal I am just going to go on with the day ahead of me. Breath Melanie breath!
Well folks it is a beautiful day here on the ranch.  The sun is shining, the sky is blue with a few clouds and a bit crisp out there.  I happen to be indoors with a nice cozy fire going and pleasant music playing on the radio.  There are so many things that I need to get done that there just isn't any time for idleness.  FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!!!!!  Catch you all tomorrow.  Loves, hugs and kisses.
Okay people I am back!!!  My new stove seems to have a mind of it's own.  Was there a short, is there a short?  I could not say however the oven is back and I am going to give it a try.  Temperature is set and baking here I come.
By the way I may not be able to type tomorrow so I might not be back for a couple of days.  Please do not fret I will return with a lot to say.  Love ya. Wish me a safe recovery. 

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  1. Yes, wishing you a FAST recovery, indeed.

    xoxo Dana