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The Guardian and Trainie
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day after surgery

Hi there.  I really didn't think I would be able to type today but here I am.  One day after surgery and typing away.  Al arrived last night at the same time as my mom was leaving.  Hurray I won't be alone.  My hand is sore but really doesn't hurt.  For those of you who didn't read my previous blog I had carpal tunnel surgery.  It went very well.  So both of my hands are done and no more pain in the middle of the night.  No more tingling and numbness when knitting or driving.  However, I will not be returning to Home Depot.  I feel that the work that I was doing, lifting heavy boxes and tools, would aggravate an already sensitive area.  The lifting of heavy things is what irritated the already existent carpal tunnel problem. 
I must tell you about my day yesterday.  The plan was to get up around 5:00am and leave by 5:30am.  It would take approximately 2 1/2 hrs to get to Sacramento Mercy General Hospital where the out patient surgery would be done.  No problem. Well I failed to set the alarm properly and woke up at 5:25am jumped out of bed literally and called to my mom who would be driving me there and home.  We got out the door by 5:45am and headed down the road.  We had an uneventful drive there arriving 20min ahead of schedule.  The doctor wanted me there by 8:30am.  I got checked in, changed into a gown, IV in, blood pressure checked, medical history taken and left to wait for surgery.  Now I must tell you my doctor does not usually do surgeries on Friday's but today was specially requested so that three other doctors could watch the endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery.  I accepted the offer of  having my surgery done two weeks earlier than planned so there I was waiting.  I waited two and a half hours before they even came to get me for surgery.  I was getting a little perturbed with the doctor.  It was just plan rude for him and his staff to leave me there without even coming in to let me know how things were progressing.  Well I was there for surgery and I wasn't going to walk out now.  So wait I did.  The last time I had surgery on my right hand I had a little issue that I had made a note of to speak with whoever would be responsible.  The issue was some pain I experienced during surgery.  I was told ahead of time that there was a place in my hand that during surgery many people feel a little and that if I felt any pain at that point I should let them know and they would give me some more pain killer.  Well I did this in the last surgery and they gave me nothing!  They just said it would be just one more little cut and it would be over.  Well two cuts later and it was over but I could feel everything! The only comment my doctor had to my feeling anything was that I was a tough woman.  Well tough woman or not I do not want to feel pain if I don't half to.   So, I was bound and determined to say something before surgery this time and I did to everyone who was taking care of me until I got to whom ever was the responsible one for stopping the pain.  The anaesthesiologist he was the guy I needed to speak with and I did.  I told him of my previous problem, he explained to me the situation and told me he would be right there with me in case of any problems.  He was exceptional, stayed right there with me and even explained what I was seeing on the monitor.  I wanted to watch the surgical procedure.  It was quite interesting.  Surgery over I recovery done I thought I would be on my way home but nnnnooooo.  Remember I came here with my mother.  I haven't told you about her yet but she is a little bit in her own world, a little bit looney.   She was to go get her car and pick me up in front of the building where the out patient surgery is.  I was rolled up in a wheel chair by a male orderly and we waited and waited.  We waited so long that the orderly took me back down stairs to leave me with the nurses and they too were perplexed as to what to do with me.  I was ready to just tell him to leave me and get up and walk out.  I know my rights.  The nurses were asking me questions about my mother trying to see if she was maybe not all there and shouldn't really be driving.  I with some reservations explained that she was fine and would be around soon.  She probably got lost.   We went back up stairs and I tried to cheer up the orderly.  My mom finely arrived but was soon frazzled after leaving me waiting so long she locked her keys in the car so now she has to call triple A and we are waiting for them.  After my surgery  I was pretty looped and probably would have slept in the car but now I was wide awake!  Oh well I will sleep when I get home.  Whooh!!!  What a day.  Today I am going to relax!!! Talk to you all tomorrow.

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