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The Guardian and Trainie
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Snow Yesterday and Sunny today who knows?

 The quilt on the left is one of two I made for my granddaughters and the one on the right I made for a really lovely lady for Christmas.  (That will be another story another day)
Yesterday just before heading to work I was talking with Al.  I said to him that it felt like snow and he said I was too low.  I went to the store before work and mentioned to the cashier what I said about snow.  The guy in front of me said we in fact did get snow at the northern end of Cloverdale.  What next?  It was just a couple of weeks ago that we had 75 degree weather.  Well that is the spring for you.  Sun today, rain tomorrow.  I just go with the flow.  I do not listen to the radio very often and when I do I am just listening to the music.  I do not have satalite or any other type outside news so I just go with the flow.  I am good with that.  It is what it is.  If I need a fire in the stove I light one.  It just happens that I have one going now and I love it.  I keep my bedroom door closed so that it is nice and crispy in there.  I like sleeping in a cold room.  I like the cold crisp air to breath.  Besides when your bed is nice and toasty who cares what it's like outside.  I have this routine that I do each night or rather each morning when I get home from work.  I come in the door shut off the outside lights, turn on my computer, head for the bedroom turn on my heated mattress that I have on my bed, change into comfy sweats, head for the kitchen, get a snack, boot up the internet and check out my farm.  I like playing with the farm.  It is a bit of relaxation for me.  Then off to bed to read for a while.  By 2am I am snuggled down under the covers and roasty toasty.  I am out like a light.  I only heat up half of my bed so that if I get too warm I can move over to the other side.  That is if Al isn't here.  Then I don't need the heat we create that all by our selves. He is not here right now so heating mattress it is.  When Al isn't around I do things a lot differently.  I read in bed, stay up late and in the morning my routine is totally different.   When I get up it is usually late by my regular standards.  Now that I work from 9pm to 1am my sleeping and waking patterns are totally screwed up.  Not what I would like and what I have been used to for many years.  But hay I have a job right?  When I get up in the morning I stoke the fire, start the water for coffee, turn on the computer and while I am waiting take my daily pills, thyroid and enzymes pills.  I have to take them on an empty stomach so coffee is the thing I have first.  After relaxing for about an hour reading or just putting around I have my breakfast.  Right now I love to have a bowl of shredded wheat sometimes with a banana and sometimes just with a bit of raw sugar.  I love to read when I eat my breakfast and I usually have a good book.  I just finished reading a James Harriet book, All things Great and Beautiful.   I think that was the one.   I read it many years ago and found it in the thrift store the other day.  I also just finished another book called Tisha a true story about a woman who went to teach in a remote Alaskan  village in the 1920's.  I finished that in a couple of days.  It was well written and really good I thought.  Now I do not know what I am going to read.  I have a couple of books I have started but they are slow going.  I may pick them up and try to finish them.  I am currently working on a quilt and would love to finish it.  I have a few that I need to complete and give to those who I started them for.  I started to make quilts for each one of the babies in my family but everyone started having babies so close together and there were a few of them that I got behind.  I would like to get caught up here soon and move on to other sewing projects.  I recently fixed a jacket for Al.  He has a quilted shirt jacket with a hood that he loves to wear around the ranch but it was literally falling off of him.  It belonged in the rag bag.  I wanted to remove the hood and put it on another quilted shirt/jacket he had but it was taking me a while to get around to it.  I finally jumped in and ripped the old one apart and fixed up a new one.  He loved it but misses the zipper so I will take off the buttons on the new one and put on a zipper instead.  So much to do and I love it.  So I will part here for now and get to the quilt.  I have a lot of catching up to do.  Love you all.  Keep coming back. 

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